Thank you for visiting our campaign page for a new sound system! 

In the past two years, we have worked to become one of the premier collegiate all-male a cappella groups. From the ICCAs to the National A Cappella Convention in Memphis, we have raised our standards and have put in work to ensure that it pays off. Now, we are prepared to reach for the top by adding a sound system to our assets.

So why do we need a sound system and what does it entail? 

The Accidentals are a performance group ranging from 12-16 members. The group is frequently booked for performances in large venues such as concert halls and auditoriums. As you can imagine, when performing for audiences with hundreds of spectators, amplification is important. Additionally, because a cappella is purely vocal and each voice has different timbre and tonalities, a system that is flexible, portable, and able to adjust digitally to such minuet changes quickly is important and necessary to be an effective amplifier. This is why the system we are aiming for would be optimal. So, a little bit about the system itself. 

The system would consist of:

  • Presonus StudioLive Mixer with Carrying Case
  • QSC Subwoofer pair (for bass amplification)
  • Yamaha Active PA pair (for vocal amplification)
  • QSC Monitor pair (to hear mix from the stage)
  • MX400 Signal Processor (for effects such as reverb)
  • DBX 31-band dual-channel EQ (helps in balancing voices)
  • 16 Sennhesier Microphones
  • Cables, hardware, and other misc item

Together, all of this comes to just over $10,000. However, we have set our fundraising goal at just $8,000. Through past performances and other fundraising efforts, we have been able to save part of our funds for this project. We understand that this is a large amount of money, but we know that with your support our dream of having a functional system for performances is possible.

Don't forget to check out the rewards we offer for your support and help, and thank you for everything you, our faithful fans, have always done for us!


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